7 ways how a good wedding planner helps with a wedding video

7 ways how a good wedding planner helps with a wedding video

“I am soo glad i have listened to you to have a wedding video” Jane, London

If you ask me: What is, one of the most underrated wedding service and service that is crossed first if the Client wants or needs to reduce the budget, my answer would be unfortunately a video.

Biggest mistake !!

Why ? Flowers dont last for ever, cake is eaten, party hangover goes away, amazing photos are great, but dont show the atmosphere your can share for years. Opening same bottle of champagne and wine for an anniversary and relive the day with your loveones, perhaps a daugher who is dreaming to be a bride one day and wants to see her mommy in a wedding dress. Its too late to regret not to spend the extra money.. often at my weddings, cost of a video was often less than 5% of the wedding budget

1. WHY VIDEO – good planner shows samples of matching video styles
2. ENQUIRY – good planner checks availibity in the set range before offering
4. TIMELINE – good planner helps create a TO DO list and timeplan
5. VALUE – good planner explains how many hours should the videographer stay
6. EXTRA MILE – good planner gets more out of the videographers work
7. TEAMWORK – good planner helps the videographer with 11+ steps on the day

“Luck favors the prepared”

  • Direct communication between videographer and the Clients ?
  • Wedding Video Postproduction how does it work and how long it takes ?
  • Wedding Video Music ? It it worth it to pay for a good music licence ?
  • Dress code for videographers
  • Benefits of one or two videographers
  • Videographer and Photographer in one ?

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“Good planner never suggests a videographer, before checking with him/her about availibility and price. There is nothing worse than a dissapointed bride” — Martin Dobes

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